Currently Available Online Courses

of special interest to the caring professions

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You are invited to take these Psychology and Thanatology courses as an "Open College" Program student. (Our Open College Program allows individuals to take any World University BA or MA online course and receive a certificate of completion, without enrolling in a BA or MA degree program.) To view a brief description of a course, click on the title below.  To enroll in any of the courses click on the application link in each course description.

Marriage and Family Therapists who are moving to California can use Psychology 338, 339,and 379 to meet some of the educational requirements for licensure in California.

Thanatology Courses (Care of the dying person and their loved ones)

Thanatology 502X: Evidence of the Afterlife ($240 - 30 hours)

Thanatology 504X: Conscious Living and Dying ($240 - 30 hours)

Thanatology 506X:
Human Relations in Conscious Living and Dying
($240 - 30 hours)

Thanatology 508X: Bereavement and the Transformative
Power of Good Grief
($240 - 30 hours)

Thanatology 510X: Thanatological Guidance and Care ($240 - 30 hours)

MA-Level Courses

Psychology 300: Comparative Psychology ($450)

Psychology 301: Consciousness Psychology ($450)

Psychology 302: Graduate Studies in Selfless Service

Psychology 304: Parapsychology  ($450)

Psychology 317: Orientation to Counseling ($450)

Psychology 318: Dream Consciousness East and West ($450)

Psychology 321: Conscious Dying ($450)

Psychology 327: Psychopathology ($450)

Psychology 328: Human Sexuality:
Therapy and Developmental Perspectives

Psychology 329: Human Growth and Development ($450)

Psychology 338: Cross-Cultural Mores and Values ($450)

Psychology 339: Professional Ethics and Law ($450)

Psychology 341: Psychological Testing ($450)

Psychology 342: Research Methodology in Psycholgical Testing ($450)

Psychology 344A: Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy ($450)

Psychology 344B: Theory and Practice of Family Therapy ($450)

Psychology 350: Integral Education ($450)

Psychology 371: Communication Skills in Counseling ($450)

Psychology 377: Alcoholism and Chemical Dependencies ($450)

Psychology 378: Abusive Relationships ($450)

Psychology 379: Psychopharmacology ($450)

Psychology 398A: Special Topics -- Transformational Life Coaching ($450)